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Tom Quinn - President

A Los Angeles native and graduate of Northwestern University, Tom’s first broadcast job was as a 15-year-old news assistant and traffic reporter at a Los Angeles radio station owned by singing cowboy star Gene Autry. After college he was a TV reporter in Sacramento and worked for ABC in Chicago and Los Angeles before founding his first company, a local news service in Southern California. He took a break from broadcasting to serve as campaign manager for his friend Jerry Brown’s winning race for governor of California. Tom later served as chairman of the California Air Resources Board, Secretary of Environmental Quality for California and as a member of the governing board of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. He started Americom Broadcasting, now called Reno Media Group, in Reno in 1982. The company later operated stations in Las Vegas and Fresno before selling those to concentrate in Northern Nevada. A Reno resident, Tom is married with three children, two step-children and five grandchildren.

Kara Brown - Vice President & General Manager

Certified Radio Marketing Consultant
Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

Kara brings 25 years of advertising and marketing experience to Reno Media Group. After graduating from the University of Montana, Kara started her advertising career in television working for CBS in Montana, before moving to Reno and transferring to the local CBS affiliate. After a few years she made the leap to radio where she has been working passionately in the industry for over 20 years. Kara worked her way through the radio ranks from Sales Executive to General Manager, and then spent the last 4 years as a Corporate Executive where she oversaw the radio and digital portion of a national media company and then as COO for an advertising agency, but eventually she missed the fun and creativity of radio. “I have always had a deep passion for radio and the success that comes along with the medium. The fact that Reno Media Group is continually enhancing their radio product to ensure client success, as well as adding digital to their portfolio, is very exciting to me. I feel like I am back home.” When not working you will find Kara playing at Lake Tahoe with her family.

Tracy White

Tracy White - Controller

Except for a brief interruption to join her husband’s contracting company, Tracy has been in charge of our business office for 20 years. A native of Carlin, NV, she moved to Reno to attend UNR, and she now oversees many of the crucial pieces that glue our crew together. From brightening our day with checks on Pay Day, to ensuring our health is looked after by the best, she effortlessly juggles the important paperwork that keeps things running smoothly while always keeping our best interests at heart.

Tracy and her husband, Steve, have been married for over 25 years and are very proud parents of their son, Matt, who now attends SDSU in San Diego!

Bill Schultz

Bill Schulz - Director of Programming and Operations, On Air Personality

Bill Schulz is a Wisconsin native who now calls Northern Nevada home. Yes, he’s a diehard Green Bay Packers fan. CHEESE HEAD! Bill also enjoys meeting new people in the community, enjoys the outdoors, the Wolf Pack, can often be found eating ribs at the Nugget Rib Cook off and LOVES everything Nevada.

Dan Fritz

Dan Fritz - Program Director, On Air Personality

A long-time Californian, Dan worked for broadcast stations in Palm Springs, Monterey and Sacramento before moving to Reno 17 years ago to program KRNO, then known as “Sunny 106.9”. Under his direction, KRNO, now called “106.9 More FM” has continually been the most popular and highest-rated station in Northern Nevada. It’s the longest winning streak in Nevada broadcast history!

Dan wants to help your workday fly by, no matter where you work or what you do. He selects music that keeps you up and feeling good, and he hopes you’ll sometimes sing along. That’s what Dan does, and it’s a good thing the microphone isn’t on!

Mike B

Mike Bushey - Program Director, On Air Personality

Mike’s a Boston native who’s lived in the West most of his adult life. On his first trip across the Mississippi, he paid a visit to Reno and this is the second time he’s called the “Biggest Little City” home.

Mike has programmed radio stations in Portland, ME, Fresno and San Diego. He was part-owner of bars and restaurants in Palm Springs and Phoenix, and he now programs three of our radio stations: KODS/103.7 The River and Ten Country @ 97.3. A graduate of Bowdoin College in Maine, he’s been in radio ever since he first walked into the school’s student-run FM radio station.


Amy Foxx - On Air Personality

Amy has a busy life – wife, mom and college professor, but she somehow manages to serve as on-air host on KRNO/106.9 MoreFM. She lives in Sparks and teaches at both University of Nevada, Reno and Truckee Meadows Community College. Amy and her husband have two daughters, ages six and two. When she’s not broadcasting or teaching, she loves playing, reading, gardening and baking with her girls.


Nena Godinez - On Air Personality

Nena Godinez is from Reno, and although she was born in this country, she proudly embraces her Jaliscoan roots and shares her culture with her audience. At 16, she began recording spots for radio. Upon leaving High School, becoming a public figure went beyond her expectations.

After more than 5 years in the world of entertainment and broadcasting, she has arrived at Juan 101.7 FM to share her talent and charisma to the public of Northern Nevada. She would like to dedicate her success to her dear parents and younger brother. She hopes to accomplish many projects over the next few years. The most important thing to Nena is to raise awareness and be a reliable voice for the Hispanic community.


JLynn - On Air Personality

JLynn is a Northern California native who now calls Nevada home. As a former Division 1 athlete, watching sports is a huge part of her life.  She enjoys watching both college and NFL football on the weekends as well as basketball in the fall. Her guilty pleasure is watching reality TV.  Janine cannot wait to explore and see all that Reno has to offer.


Chris Jordan - On Air Personality

Chris Jordan wasn’t born and raised in Reno, Nevada, but is still proud to call the area his home. Not A Wooster High School or an International Baccalaureate Program graduate, Chris Jordan didn’t go on to the University of Nevada, Reno or pursue a major in journalism. He hasn’t spent any time at KTVN 2 News, where he definitely never held any roles including a main news anchor position.  He is currently getting a McMasters Degree in McDoubles from the Drive through and works for Reno Media Group on Alice 96.5 and does morning Traffic on most RMG stations.
Air Jordan is passionate about not meeting people from all walks of life… whether it’s in Northern Nevada, and thats pretty much it. No, AIR Jordan never went with Landon Miller to Russia. In fact, Landon has never visited the capital cities of Russia, Estonia, Spain, Mexico, Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica with Air Jordan and yet both has never been to Washington D.C. Landon loves traveling the world as much as possible, Air Jordan doesn’t! Air Jordan HATES getting lost, finds getting found embarrassing, but loves learning more about the world online.
Chris enjoys listening to music and coffee at home while cleaning the house. So if you ever see him at his house, you are probably trespassing, so tread lightly.


Mike Leach - On Air Personality

Mike has been lucky enough to work in the Reno radio market since the late 1990’s! He started off running the old “Don & Mike Show”, graduating to mornings on 103.7 The River (KODS). He continues to work with Panama on 103.7 The River. Mike grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from college at Chico State University. He’s a big sports fan and loves living in the Reno/Tahoe area, especially with legal sports betting in Nevada. Never shy to express his opinion, He loves working in radio and enjoys interacting with our great listening audience.


Juan Manuel - On Air Personality

Juan Manuel was born in Mexico City on March 25, 1987. He began his radio career in July 2019 at Juan 101.7 where his mission is to create a link with the Reno community through his voice and interact with the public to inform, entertain and disseminate the most important issues of our society.

Respect, commitment and professionalism are 3 values that structure his personality. His experience in more than 10 years as a conductor of various programs, festivals, expos and private events make Juan the perfect person to work in this radio station and transmit with his charisma every day the topics of interest to all our public.


Landon Miller - On Air Personality

Landon was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, and is proud to call the area his home. A Wooster High School and International Baccalaureate Program graduate, Landon went on to the University of Nevada, Reno to pursue his major in journalism with a Spanish minor. He spent six years at KTVN 2 News, where he held a number of roles including a main news anchor position, where he anchored the evening newscasts. He is currently getting a Masters Degree in Spanish from the UNR and works for Reno Media Group on Alice 96.5.

Landon is passionate about meeting people from all walks of life… whether it’s in Northern Nevada, or Sochi, Russia. Yes, Landon has been to Russia. In fact, Landon has visited the capital cities of Russia, Estonia, Spain, Mexico, Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica yet has never been to Washington D.C. Landon loves traveling the world as much as possible. He likes getting lost, getting found, and learning more about the world.

Landon enjoys listening to new music and trying new coffee shops. So if you ever see him in one, be sure to pull up a chair, say ‘hi,’ and have a cup of coffee with him… or two. Oh — Real quickly… just because we know you have these two questions: He is 6′ 7″ and only plays basketball on Tuesdays.


Panama - On Air Personality

After radio jobs in Houston, St. Louis, Las Vegas, San Jose, Stockton and Sacramento, Panama finally got smart. He moved to Reno! He now hosts the morning show on KODS/103.7 The River, along with co-host Mike Leach, where they put on a fast-paced, entertaining, live and local talk program. Whether it’s an issue close to Northern Nevada or at the Super Bowl, they’re talking about it and you can share your opinion.

Panama looks at things a bit differently than most normal humans, so there’s never a lack of attitude. Interviews are always an adventure because no subject or question is off limits. Panama figures that the only other thing he’s qualified to do is work on a carnival ride yelling, “Do you wanna go faster?” So, come along for the ride after he wakes you up on “The River”!


Jeff Ryan - On Air Personality

Jeff Ryan wakes you up every weekday morning on KRNO/106.9 MoreFM with the perfect mix of music, information, traffic updates and fun prizes. At 8am, he kicks off the More Music workday with nonstop, Feel-Good songs that play for 30 minutes at a time.

A Reno radio veteran, Jeff was an announcer and program director of the old K-Wins in the mid-80’s before moving to Southern California, where he also worked as a radio program director and DJ. He returned to Reno 15 years ago to head up the KRNO morning show, and several years ago he also became Reno Media Group’s production director, where he oversees creation of commercials for our clients. Jeff is married and has one daughter.

Tony Tone - On Air Personality

Tony is what you would consider a “music head.” He literally lives, breathes and sleeps music, and it’s been like that for as long as he can remember.

Born in Reno but raised in Los Angeles until he was 13, he returned home and has lived in the Biggest Little City ever since. He now hosts the afternoon show on Swag 104.9. In his spare time, Tony writes, produces and researches music in hopes of becoming a music engineer one day. He plans to always give his folks in Reno the best music they deserve!

Jill Gover

Jill brings over 33 years of advertising,  marketing and special event experience to Reno Media Group.  After graduating with a degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton, Jill began her career with CBS Radio Representatives in Los Angeles.   With the exception of a five year stop as Local Sales Manager with Charter Media, the bulk of her media career has been in radio as an Account Executive, Local Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and Director of Sales.
Jill and her husband moved to Reno in 1989, where they raised two sons and spent many hours volunteering for various local activities in the community.

Teresa Estabrook - Director of Sales

Teresa was born and raised in Chester/Lake Almanor, CA, and moved to Reno in 1995. After a brief time away, Teresa brings over 11 years of advertising, marketing, and special events planning experience at Reno Media Group and is one of the original promoters and producers of Divas’ Day Out! Teresa has successfully worked her way through the radio world from Sales Executive, Local Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, Director of Promotions/Special Events, to now Director of Sales. Teresa is excited to bring back her experience, excitement, motivation, and expertise to help Northern Nevada businesses once again.

Teresa and her husband, Matt, have been married for over 22 years and have three amazing boys, Jarred (graduate of McQueen), Casey (graduate of McQueen), and Jace (attends Truckee High School). Matt, her boys (and their dog Champ) are her absolute pride and joy and the light of her life. When not working she enjoys boating, watching, and playing all types of sports, most importantly when it involves spending time with her family. She is an avid community volunteer with over 20 years of support and dedication in various organizations throughout the area, including a past President of Reno Pop Warner football and cheerleading youth organization, past Renown Children’s Hospital Business Council member, and an active proud supporter of Truckee High School Athletics and of course the UNR Wolfpack!


Michelle Jolicoeur - Account Executive

Certified Radio Marketing Consultant
Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

Born and raised in Monterey County, Michelle moved to the Reno area when she was 15 and fell in love with all Reno had to offer. She attended the University of Nevada Reno and graduated with her Bachelors’ in Business Management with a minor in Economics. Michelle jumped right into sales out of college and truly enjoys meeting new people and making those lasting relationships! She joined Reno Media Group in 2018 to further her career in sales and marketing.

Outside of work, you can usually catch Michelle enjoying the outdoors. She enjoys hiking/snowshoeing all over Reno and Graeagle with her husband and pups, Aurora and Harper. Michelle also enjoys kickboxing, yoga and volleyball. She’s our silly hippie but we love her.