National and Regional Marketing

In 1998 The Reno Media Group created a separate department to serve the out-of-market agencies. This has consistently enabled our National representatives, Eastman, and our Regional agencies unparalleled access and support for their advertising efforts.

The department is headed by Tricia Gallenbeck, our General Manager.

Supporting the department are sales support personnel and our creative services department to assist in the development of Promotions and Integrated media services.

Added benefits that customers have access to are audience qualitative, client research study capabilities, client cross promotional opportunities and a full compliment of website services including social media, texting, streaming, video pre-roll exposure, virtual cyber remotes and more!

For advertising agencies who are national clients you may contact our national sales representatives, Eastman at 323-966-5138.

If your company falls into the regional category please contact Tricia:

Office: (775) 829-1964
Email: [email protected]