Our Story

The Reno Media Group story began in 1982 when Tom Quinn and several partners purchased a small Lake Tahoe radio station, which they soon moved to Reno. The company, previously known as Americom, later expanded with media properties in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Fresno, California. In 1998, Americom created Reno Radio Representatives to help northern Nevada businesses improve the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing.

To better reflect the full scope of our operations -- including our expanded internet, social media and video operations – our company was renamed Reno Media Group in 2010. The new name better describes our business, which combines radio broadcasting, websites, video, internet audio streaming, social media and assistance in client branding, development of marketing plans, digital marketing, SEO and SEM, and more.

Reno Media Group includes some of the strongest marketing vehicles in Northern Nevada. Among them are:

The radio stations also have mobile-responsive websites and active social media pages. Most stream live on their websites, mobile apps, and Alexa Skills to computers, tablets, smartphones and other smart devices.

Nearly two decades ago we offered Reno’s first radio and TV traffic reports, we created 10-second saturation advertising packages called “Power Impacts”, and we provided the area’s first comprehensive Audience Qualitative Reports, allowing advertisers to better direct their messages to potential customers. We pioneered sales training programs for our own staff, who are now expert in all areas of digital media and able to help clients develop integrated marketing programs that combine the strengths of broadcasting and targeting of the Internet.

With Northern Nevada’s economy growing, and with the gigafactory and other industry in the region, our area is poised for significant progress, and we’re here to help companies expand their sales with cost-effective marketing approaches. We are focused on continuing the great relationships we have forged over the years and we look forward to developing new ones with businesses that want to take advantage of the latest 21st century marketing opportunities.